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Health has been acommon topic around the Henty Machinery Field Days this year – right up there with the weather, prices and a super spring.

Iconic Australian sporting figure David Foster was happy to talk about health, especially men’s health, from his post at an oil company stand.

Foster said Australian men, especially those over 40, needed to get regular health checks–an annual grease and oil change and tune-up for the body.

“When I do my wood chop I ask people over 40 years of age if they go for a regular checkup,” Foster said.

“My dad died at 61, he never went to the doctor. It is important for us guys to look after ourselves and we should talk about it.”

Mental Health communicatorMathew Johnstone was a speaker at The Stump at the Field Days on Wednesday, and was also the guest speaker at the official lunch.

Mr Johnstone said the stigmaof mental health mustbe broken so it was as accepted as other illnesses, or a broken leg.

“It’s all about starting the conversation because a lot of people suffer unnecessarily and I think primarily in rural communities, who are not only isolated by the land but also by the culture,” he says.

“If you’re in trouble, never be afraid to stick your hand up and ask for help because the only shame is that you’re going to miss out on life.”

This is a positive sign for rural communities as NSW prepares for Mental Health Month in October.

Dairy Australia deputy chair Simone Jolliffesaid after officially opening the Field Days on Tuesday many dairy farmers were under immense pressure and said it was clear neighbours were looking out for each other emotionally.

It is where programs such as “Look Over the Farm Gate” –supported by the Victorian Farmers Federation,Royal Flying Doctors Service Victoria, Country Fire Authority, Country Women’s Association, National Centre for Farmer Health and the Victorian Government –play such an important role.

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners organiser Brendan Farrell hears stories of emotional hardship on the land every day.

He helps by delivering food hampers and stockfeedbut alsotaking a phone call at 11pm from someone who just needs to talk.

And starting that conversation about health can be the best medicine for our wellbeing in the long term.

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Time to reassess: Men and women face the constraints of gender expectations. It seems more men now are reaching the top only to feel unfulfilled with their success. When questioned why the 46-year-old chief executiveof one of Australia’s largest companies would resign, NAB’s Cameron Clyne said “this is what it looks like when you prioritise your family over your career”.

He wasn’t under pressure to leave and he wasn’t underperforming, he went on his own terms.The same can be said for outgoing Labor Senator Stephen Conroy. “When you resent being in Canberra because you are missing your daughter’s soccer training it is time to retire”, Conroy said on Friday upon his surprise retirement.

These two men don’t have a lot in common, but they are part of a new breed of man. They can climb the career ladder but still want to be there for their family. Clyne said upon his resignation that he would “like to be married longer than I am CEO”.

Dare I even ask, can men have it all?

More and more senior men are coming out and saying that the big gigs aren’t all they are cracked up to be if they take themaway from their families.They are learning from the mistakes of their own fathers and that of men who went before them.They wanta career but also to be an active dad.

Ian Narev, chief executive of the Commonwealth Bank, is one. He speaks freely and openly about the need for a strong family life to support us at work. Staff directly reporting to him note he isn’t always the first in the office and is keen to be at school events for his children.

These are guys at the top of their game. What about us blokes on the ground?

While the school pickup still features a collection of the women in our neighbourhood, it isn’t uncommon to see dads there too. It is part of the change in work. Over the past two years the number of men working part-time has grown six times faster than men working full-time.

But if we are being honest, our workplaces have been slow to help men balance career and caring for family: viewing these duties asopposites rather than complementary.

Inadequate childcare provisionisn’t helping. For almost 5 million people who live in Sydney, there are just over 90,000 childcare places. Barely a third of them are available outside standard business hours. And don’t even try to get a place near your work.

Twenty-first centuryAustralia should be helping us to meet our work and care responsibilities.As long as the “good employee”is expected to devote their every waking moment to work, then we won’t get far.Because the truth isthebetter we can balance our work with having a life, the better we perform at work.

In 2013, accountants EY found that ifemployeeshadaccess to flexible work, childcare nearby and trust in their performance Australia could save $14 billion in currently lost productivity. When we can do the school drop off and continue work later,we respect our employer and want to perform better for them. Show people some dignity and they will do their job better.

At the moment, nobody wins. Men and women face the constraints of gender expectations even when they rebuff them. No wonder more men are reaching the top only to feel unfulfilled with their success.

Malcolm Turnbull keeps talking to us about being innovative and agile. Until he pays more attention to how we work, he doesn’t have a chance of realising this vision.

With all their privileges, evenguys like Stephen Conroy and Cameron Clyne struggle. What hope do the rest of us have?

Conrad Liveris is a workforce diversity specialist.

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BRAZILIAN WIN: More Brazilian meatworks have been granted access to the US fresh beef market.10 MORE JBS and Marfrig meatworks in Brazil have been granted accessto the US fresh beef market.

Writing in today’sAgri Commodities Daily AlertComm Bank’sTobin Gorey said six Marfrig plants and four JBS SA plants hadnow been cleared to export. The first Marfrig shipment reportedly left on Sunday, he said.

Brazil is exporting to the US under the shared 64,800tonneother countriesquota. About 53 percentthe quotahas already been filled for the year.

“Beyond that, further exports in 2016 will depend on whether Brazilian prices and exchange rates are low enough to continue to ship at a 26.4pctariff,” Mr Gorey said.

Today’s news follows last week’s announcement that two Minerva meatworks had been granted access to the same market. CLICK HERE to read that story. A total of 16 Brazilian meatworks have now been granted access.

Brazil will share the US‘other countries’quota with Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Australia has its own418,200tonne ayear US quota.

Marfrigis the third-largest Brazilian food processing company, after JBS andBrasil Foods.

Marfrig’sAustralianpresence includesKeystone Foods at Coominya, whichspecialised in frozenbeef products.

JBS Australia is the largest meat processing company in Australia, with 10processing facilities and five feedlots stretched from Townsville in north Queensland to Devonport in Tasmania.JBS has a daily processing capacity of more than 8000 cattle and 21,000 small stock.

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Budding artists meet idols

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Development event: The scholarship recipients including Dubbo’s Connor Coman-Sargent (front, left) at Parliament House on Wednesday. Photo: CONTRIBUTEDDubbo’s Connor Coman-Sargent was one of 15 scholarship recipients that visited Parliament House on Wednesday as part of aprofessional development event.

Coman-Sargent and the otherYoung Regional Artist Scholarship winners met with ARIA acclaimed musician Megan Washington and Archibald winning artist Ben Quilty andDubbo MP and Deputy Premier Troy Grant.

Mr Grant hosted a morning tea to congratulate the artists on their success in the competitiveprogram,whichoffers 25 $10,000 scholarships annually to emerging artists aged between 18 and 25 who are based in regional NSW.

“I designed this scholarship program to cover all art forms to help young regional artists develop their careers and connect with arts organisations and training opportunities,” Mr Grant said.

Connor was selected for hisdesign and digital arts project Second Sojourn: Extending the Journey. The project will include travel to Berlin and Barcelona to attend workshops by internationally renowned photographers.

Applications for the remaining scholarships for 2016 will open on Monday 5 December 2016 and close on Monday 20 February 2017.

For further information about the application process go to 苏州美甲美睫培训学校arts.nsw.gov419论坛.

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SHOWGIRL: Katherine Mann. Picture: Geoff Jones.After return back home to theHawkesbury after living near Dubbo for some years, Katherine Mann is ready to entrench herself in the local community.

Miss Mann, 23, is aLaboratory Technician at a companywhich makes agricultural animal vaccines in Glenorie andstudied a Bachelor of Natural Science majoring in agricultureandsubmajored in animal science at WSU.

After moving back to Maraylya from Terramungamine near Dubbo in the Central West, Miss Mann saw the Showgirl competition as a great opportunity to give back to her community.

“The showgirl competition provides young women with a fabulous opportunity to become involved in the local show committee and combine their interest of agriculture and rural issues with a desire to become more involved in the local community,” she said.

“After competing in the 2015Dubbo Showgirl competition I was able to meet some amazing like-minded young women with whom I have formed incredible friendships, and alsoenabled me to expand on a number of personal and professional skills.

“Since moving back to the Hawkesbury, I decided it would be a great opportunity to get involved and meet some new people within the community.”

Miss Mann said that if she were to win the competition she would use the platform tobetter represent the Hawkesbury.

“I am lucky enough to haveexperiencedboth livingin the Hawkesbury as well as rural Australia,which has truly opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that can be found around the area.

“I have also seenmanyshowgirl winners from different areas andzonesgo on to achieve great things and become involved in ways that you could not imagine.”

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.