Plans to cut Virginflights to SydneyAlthough they lost slots in Sydney they would of chosen the least profitable route to scrap from those slots. Just makes sense. So it is Virgin’s doing but forced by Sydney airports.
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I travel the route once or twice a week and the 5.50am down and 7.30pmback slots lost were really convenient.

Shame it hasnt been supported enough to compel virgin to scrap other routes when 3 slots were removed.

Andrew AitkenWell, to my way of thinking, if Virgin Airlines are cutting their flights to Tamworth by half, that would indicate to me that they aren’t making the money.

I mean, what airline would cut their service drastically if they were making good money?

It wouldn’t make sense. Virgin should helicopter us here and there and do away with the landing slots.

Phillip Allan JonesIt is not Virgin’s doing, if they don’t have the landing slots, they cannot expect the passengers to parachute out, just to make the Mayor happy.

Cynthia MurrayI’d be more worried about the access to free parking out there when the boom gates go up. Anyone know anything about that?

Cory CallcottVirgin Australia you need to invest in regional Australia.

Ben CliftonSteps towards a win win solution was perhaps right in front of people – if they knew where to look.

Derek TinkThis is not VIRGINS doing.

Andrew DraperChamps, Cramps and Challenges BallIt was a fantastic night, proof of the level of respect for Graham & Daryl. Congratulations to the Yeo and Bath families on such a massive achievement.

Susan McDonnellWell done everyone. Incredible result!

Ann HenryWOW! That is fantastic Luke xx

Janet FlowerThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.